Scholarship Fund

This is a very important goal of our foundation, as Allen was also in need of financial assistance to attend and further his education. As he hoped to get his accounting degree from Fort Lewis College and gain certification as a CPA, Allen struggled to balance work, living expenses and attending classes with all the financial hardships that go with college life. Allen was shocked to find out just how many of his fellow classmates were having to deal with the same things he faced each day and trying their best to get by working at minimum wage jobs. So, our foundation is now committed to helping students with financial aid not only for tuition but also CPA exam costs since many students don’t have the almost $1,000 fee to take this test.

Please open your hearts to these deserving yet struggling students by donating to help them to realize life goals. Everyone who donates $1,000 or more will have their name associated with any grant or scholarship, whether for college or CPA exam. Once again, all donations to our non-profit go exactly where you intend them to be used and are 100% tax deductible.

If you would like to help, details are on our donation page. Thank you.