Project – Dog Park

Durango, Colorado

This is a long term goal of our foundation as it involves a lot of cooperation with the city of Durango and a lot of money to make a reality, so we know this will take some time. We still want to make this dream come true so the entire community will remember Allen as well as benefit everyone and every animal that visits the park. He was a true dog lover, even volunteering whenever needed to take care of them for friends. He used to take his friends' pets to the Durango Off Leash Dog Park, an unmaintained open space area where dogs could run free. Our goal is to rename the park and improve conditions so it can be used and enjoyed year round. But since the cost of doing this is rather high and funds aren't currently available for this project, we've had to put it as a lower priority on our foundation's list.
"All throughout his life, if Allen saw a dog anywhere, no matter how big or small, he'd immediately shout 'Puppy!' and rush over to show it some love," added his father Brian. "Amazingly, he never got bit, so I guess they naturally loved him too. Even in his travels, he'd find a stray and go right up to them. He was always drawn to dogs but wasn't able to keep one because of school. As much as he wanted a dog, Allen knew it wouldn't be fair to them and often told me some of his friends needed to walk their dog more or pay more attention to them. So instead he would literally befriend any dog he met as if it were his own."
Please give generously if you would like to see this become a reality for the community to remember Allen. Corporate or large donor names will be included on a sign at the facility.